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There are currently 6 prisons included in The Escapists, not including the 5 found on the alternate menu. They all differentiate in quality of security and number of inmates, and are progressively more difficult to escape from.

Center Perks[edit]

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The prison selection screen for Center Perks.

"Dear [player name],
Welcome to Center Perks - the most comfortable low security prison in the country. On behalf of all the staff here we wish you a happy and relaxing visit! Should you get bored of the complimentary cable TV, we pride ourselves in many other engaging activities around the grounds."

Center Perks is currently the easiest prison in the game. It includes a fully integrated ventilation system, 5 job options, (janitor, laundry, kitchen, mailman, metalshop), and a lenient schedule with lots of free time.There are five guards, four watchtowers and ten prisoners (including yourself).

Stalag Flucht[edit]

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The prison selection screen for Stalag Flucht.

"Sent me another one have they?..
Listen [Player name], I don't have to remind you that Stalag Flucht is famous for housing inmates with a record of escapism, so if you're planning on getting out of this one, think again! Now get yourself settled in, it's going to be a cold, long winter."

Stalag Flucht is an easy prison in the game. It's the first prison that houses 2 inmates per cell. It has 5 job options, (gardening, tailor, library, woodshop, unloading), and enough free time to make yourself feel half comfortable.

Shankton State Pen[edit]

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The prison selection screen for Shankton State Pen.

"Welcome to Shankton State Pen, your new home for the foreseeable future.
Since I've been warden we've had a few daring escapists among us, but they were promptly scooped back up and punished. No one escapes on my watch, so don't get any ideas! If you forget any of the rules around here, the guards batons will be only too glad to remind you!"

Shankton State Pen is a moderate prison in the game. It houses one inmate per cell, has 5 job options, (janitor, laundry, kitchen, woodshop, metalshop), and medium amounts of free time.

Jungle Compound[edit]

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The prison selection screen for Jungle Compound.

"Welcome to the jungle!
Society has declared you a menace, so we've put you far away from any trace of it. Before you even entertain the thought of escaping, let me remind you that if by some remote chance you make it past the fence, the wall, the perimeter jeeps and the guard checkpoint, there's no surviving out in the wild beyond..."

Jungle Compound (also known as Jungle Block) is a moderate prison in the game. It houses two inmates per cell, has 5 job options, (gardening, tailor, laundry, library, mailman), and medium amounts of free time.

San Pancho[edit]

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The prison selection screen for San Pancho.

"This is the notorious San Pancho, the roughest, toughest and downright nastiest prison south of the border. The blistering heat and claustrophobic conditions here turns our inmates angry and violent. Even the guards daren't enter!"

San Pancho is a hard prison in the game. Currently, it's the only prison that houses 4 inmates per cell. It has 5 job options, (gardening, tailor, library, kitchen, unloading), and few amounts of free time.


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The prison selection screen for HMP-Irongate.

"Listen here maggot.
You know why you're here so no point crying about it. Generally feared as the highest security prison ever, HMP Irongate is where you'll live out the rest of your meaningless existence. Escape you say? Don't make me laugh! The handful of idiots who tried met a watery demise trying to swim off the island. Still, chin up eh?"

HMP-Irongate is currently the hardest prison in the game. It houses 1 inmate per cell with a security camera in each cell, has 5 job options, (janitor, mailman, woodshop, unloading, metalshop), and a single hour of free time if the player has a job.

Alternative Prisons[edit]

These prisons were designed to be exclusive to early access buyers of the game as a reward for supporting the development of the game[1] but after a poll on February 4, 2015 it was decided to make only Fhurst Peak Correctional a early access only map and make Fort Bamford and Camp Epsilon available to all players[2].

Fhurst Peak Correctional[edit]

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The prison selection screen for Fhurst Peak Correctional.

"Welcome to prison! Fhurst Peak Correctional is a brand new state of the art facility designed with your discomfort in mind. All our staff are highly trained to make sure your stay here is a truly unpleasant one! You've got a long sentence ahead, so make yourself at home. And don't even think about escaping."

A standard correctional facility. This is the typical prison you would find in the real world.
This prison is only accessible by people that bought the game in early access or as a DLC for $1.

Fort Bamford[edit]

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Morning rollcall in Fort Bamford.

"Welcome to Fort Bamford.
You've been transferred here because we believe you to be one of the ringleaders behind the recent mass escape campaign that saw over 3,000 incarcerated felons worldwide escape justice. Such disregard for the law must be met with severe consequences! You will be made an example of. Enjoy your lifetime of servitude."

A medium security prison. This is a normal medium security prison, as you would find in the real world.

Camp Epsilon[edit]

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The cafeteria for Camp Epsilon.

"Epsilon is an open invitation for tower guards to shoot you in the face the very second you take a wrong turn. Your cell has no privacy, made up of mesh fence and no ceiling. You will eat outside. You will exercise outside. You will sleep outside. All under the watchful eye of my ever vigilant staff."
This, prisoners, is your reward for so brazenly ignoring the rules that society sets you. "

Camp Epsilon is a prison introduced in update 8. It's completely open to the sky, giving the tower guards the ability to shoot the player if their guard heat goes above 90%.


Main article: Alcatraz

Morning rollcall in Alcatraz prison.

"Well I never! Of all the prisons in all world, you went and landed yourself in mine. Now, I really don't want to dampen your spirits seeing as though you're new guy around here, but the fact is you will NEVER leave this island. What's left of your pitful existence will be spent with me and my boys here in The Rock. Enjoy your stay, punk..."

Try to escape from one of the most famous prisons in the world, Alcatraz. Many have tried to escape. Many have failed. Now is your chance to add your name to this list of ‘famous’ escape attempts as you try and escape from one of America’s strongest prisons.

Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary has been painstakingly rebuilt in The Escapists, and now you have to master the routine, plan your strategy and execute your very own Alcatraz escape!

This prison is only accessible as a DLC for $2.

Escape Team[edit]

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Escape Team.png

"If you're reading this message then our man on the inside didn't die in vain! Intelligence suggests he marked several desks around the compound that contain items useful to blast your way to freedom.
Good luck!
PS: This letter will self destruct in ten seconds..."

Locked in a military prison for crimes they did not commit, the 4 members of the Escape team must work out how to break free from an Escape proof military prison. Maybe the rumours that the compound houses the fiercest tank in history will help?

This prison is only accessible as a DLC for $4.


All alternative prisons, except Alcatraz and Escape Team prisons, share their free period music with Shankton State Pen. Alcatraz has it's own free period music, creating the aforementioned exception.


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