March 31, 2015 Patch

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Prison Editor Beta Trial Now Available


Congratulations are in order. Thanks to your proven experience in escapism, you've been invited to beta trial a new program designed to usher in the next generation of detention facility.

Prisoners, allow me to introduce the Prison Editor:

Prison editor preview.

The Prison Editor is here to provide an outlet for the most creative of our inmates. Through this program you'll be able to construct a prison, add guards, inmates, cells, facilities (such as gym equipment, PC's and more) and much, much more. Once verified, you'll then be able to upload your creations to the Steam Workshop for other cons to download, explore and attempt to escape from.

The Prison Editor program is currently in beta trial and we're keen to collect your feedback on its ease-of-use, feature set and more. Be sure to visit the forums and tell us what you think. You can report any problems with the program in the "Report a Problem" board.

Stuck? Need help? Check out our Prison Editor Guide for help with making your prison.

Good luck prisoners, we can't wait to see what you come up with.

ChrisD & MT17

─ Mike_Team17 on The Escapists Steam Community