April 20, 2015 Patch

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The Escapists: The Kowalski Update

New NPC in the update.


A new update for The Escapists is now live with a host of fixes and improvements to the prison editor beta trial, based on your excellent feedback in our forums.

We've also added a new NPC to the game. BAM.

Let’s get stuck in, shall we?

The Escapists Prison Editor Beta (Steam Only):

• Added the ability to update maps on Steam Workshop: This means that, if you’re making changes to an existing map, you’ll no longer need to create a new Workshop file.

IMPORTANT: Updating an existing prison will invalidate any existing player save data for that prison – be sure to warn your inmates!

• Added tagging to Prison Editor and Workshop: You’ll now be able to choose from a few tags that will help players find your prison in the Steam Workshop! You’ll be able to give players an indication of how difficult your prison is, the style of your prison and its development status (Complete – no more updates / Work In Progress – players should expect updates).

There are also additional tags which will be set automatically depending on the settings that you apply to your prison during creation.

Please note: prisons with incorrect tags (eg: YouTuber prisons tagged as Real Prisons) may be removed by the moderators. Tag accurately!

• Added additional language support for the prison editor beta: German, French, Spanish, Russian and Polish languages are now supported. To change the language in use, use the buttons on the game launcher.

• The “undo” function now works correctly when undoing object placements.

The Escapists Game:

• Fixed multiple bugs relating to prisoners being inappropriately sideways. • Guard Towers will no longer shoot prisoners at night time. • Fixed an issue which caused fake wall blocks to be placed incorrectly. • A new visitor will now visit inmates at the visitation area. • A new item has been added to the game. The “DoDo Donut” can be found as a rarely spawning item in item spawn locations. Using this item will replenish fatigue and make you “Rad”.



─ Mike_Team17 on The Escapists Steam Community