How to escape

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Getting started: Pre Requirements[edit]

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To escape a jail you will have to:

  • Gather supplies.
  • Rob and fight different inmates.
  • Make friends (at least, not too many enemies).
  • Buy supplies (as well as craft).
  • Get Money
  • Hide Supplies.
  • Cut.
  • Chip.
  • Dig.
  • Flee!

Gather Supplies[edit]

To survive in this jail, you need many things, such as Roll of Duct Tape, Sheet of Metal, keys, etc... You don't have them at the beginning, but your inmates (and the guards) do, so you can find them in desks! You have to do different things to earn stuff:


You can rob or fight for almost any items: To fight, just press the Spacebar (default) and click the victim. Don't forget to press Spacebar again after you've knocked him out, to change back from attack mode to normal mode. However, you should attack with a weapon, for example a pillow. Pillows deal more damage than punches in the game. Also, train up your strength (Stats) as you can raise your health.

To rob an inmate, just walk into someone else's cell and click their desk, and after a short time an inventory window will open. Be careful though, Guards don't like to see you in someone else's cell. Also, if you try to open someone else's desk in front of him (or while he's sleeping in his room), he will attack you.

Using these methods, you must gather as much stuff as you can before you try to escape. Try to gather shovels, pickaxes, cutters and Plastic Keys.

Have Friends[edit]

Friends are very important in the game. To make friends, you can click on an inmate to talk to him or complete favours for them. This will raise his opinion of you, and to check his opinion, right-click on him and mouse over the bar labeled OPN. Try to get this above 80. Pressing Q on him after you have reached an 80 opinion state will recruit him. When you do this, he will attack whoever you attack and defend you, but will cause his opinion level to go down each time you attack someone with him. Press Q on him again to dismiss your friend.


You will often not be able to find the supplies you need. Your fellow inmates will often have a variety of supplies for sale. When someone has something to sell, a small yellow bag appears over his head, and you can right click on him to open his menu, and you can click the third tab on the right. Just click the item you want to purchase, but you will have to pay him the labeled price in money. As said before, someone who likes you very much will sell you things at a lower price, but someone who does not like you will sell you things at a higher price.

Get Money[edit]

So how to get money for these supplies? Well there are some ways of doing that. The first is doing one of the daily Jobs. When you first enter the prison you already have one (most of the time it is the easiest that has the lowest intellect requirement) like the janitor/gardener (because they're basically the same) or laundry (depends on the prison really). The second one is doing a Favour. Favours are basicly the quests of the game. When you see an inmate with a green exclamation mark, click him and a green window will popup that includes information about his favour (short description, reward). Then there are 3 buttons: Yes , No , Maybe . Clicking Yes accepts the favour and you have to complete it. Clicking No refuses the favour and you won't be able to get one from the same inmate until the next day. Clicking Maybe doesn't refuse, nor does accept the favour but it still is available to see again and make sure if you want to do it.

Hide Supplies[edit]

Many tools are illegal, which means if guards find them in your cell they will confiscate them, and the Warden will send you to Solitary.To know which are these items check the text's color if it's red.

So, it is a very important tactic to hide you illegal/contraband items. The main place to hide your items is in your desk, but they still might be found by guards if you are called for a shakedown. You can hide stuff in the vents (by cutting the vent), between two walls (chip the wall) or under the ground (dig a hole).

You will also have to hide the entrance to your stash, because if guards find it they will cover it and the Warden will send you to Solitary.

To hide a hole in the vent, just craft a Fake Vent Cover. You can also hide your hole with your desk, and hide a wall breach with a Poster or with a Fake Wall Block.


What can you cut? Fences and Vents. What tools do you need? At first you can use a Plastic Knife.


What can you chip? Walls and underground rocks.What tools do you need? At first you can use a Plastic Fork.


Where can you dig? About everywhere as long as it's out of sight. What tools do you need? At first you can use a Plastic Spoon.


  • Tower guards can shoot you if you try to chip at walls that are in the open, chip indoors or at night where tower guards are "disabled".
  • Make sure you make the most out of your time! Find patterns in your daily activities and find out where you have some free time to dig/chip/cut into areas. It might also be useful to explore guard patrol patterns to find out where it is safe to dig without being caught.
  • Often in a prison layout, you will see contraband detectors (often found separating two halves of a prison). These will detect illegal/contraband items and increase your Guard Heat dramatically. To avoid these, find a way to dodge them by digging under or creating a fake wall entrance. You can also use a Contraband Pouch, but these have a limited durability and are hard to replace.
  • This tip is a minor bug, but it might save you from obtaining some Guard Heat if you see a guard when you are searching an inmate's desk. What you should do while searching the inmate's desk is press Esc or 7-0 to stop the game, but it does not stop the searching. So you should restart the game when you are almost finished searching the desk because if you don't the search window will not come up. This might seem small, but it might help you at times so use it well! Here are some other helpful thing you should know. 1. If being chased by four or more guards/inmates, hide in lockers.