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There are several characters in The Escapists that the player can interact with, the main two being Inmates and Guards.

Characters in The Escapists are randomly generated from a "batch" of inmates/guards that are used throughout all of the prisons, and the player can pick any of these "skins" at the start of the game.

Many of these characters can be influenced by the player's actions in the game. This is noted by their Opinion.


Guards are, well, Guards. They police the prison and make sure that you ain't getting out. If you are spotted attacking other prisoners or other guards attacking you, Guards will attack you until you are knocked out and sent to the Infirmary to recover, or until they give up from chasing you. Once you are knocked out and sent to the infirmary, all aggravated characters (whether it be fellow inmates or guards) will stop attacking you temporarily.

Tower Guards[edit]

Armed with Bolt-Action Rifles that are loaded with rubber rounds, tower guards serve as the eyes of the prison and will open fire on the player if they Attack near the warden or have the heat at 90%. Luckily their only a threat if your outdoors and have a 50% chance to miss if the target is moving not only that but tower guards will not open fire during a successful prison takeover though they will open fire once lockdown is over and the schedule resumes.

A player's only counter to these sharpshooters is wearing a Plated Inmate Outfit and having medicine at the ready to compensate for damage inflicted by their rifles.

Tower guards will not fire when the player is holding an unconscious inmate.


Your fellow inmates are tough and mean. Keep on their good side or beatdowns and snitchings are sure to follow. Attacking one will aggro him until either one of you is knocked out, or he loses you. You can form a temporary gang when prisoners reach 80% reputation by pressing the recruit button (Q by deafult on PC) and they will follow you for a while.


The owner of the prison and the one who can send the player into solitary. He walks around the prison to see if everything is running smoothly and can not be harmed or targeted but can cause tower guards to shoot the player when performing Attacks near the warden.


The Medic is part of the prison's infirmary and will revive the player after being knocked down, like the warden he can not be harmed nor targeted.


Visitors are just citizens that come to the prison's visiting center. They share stories to the player before leaving.

Employment Officer[edit]

The one who is in charge of employing prisoners with jobs and offering them money upon completing their job quota. He cannot be harmed and cannot be interacted with during specific periods.